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Coah Pedro, Please confirm Keegan for the next session, that will work great for him.  I've had several people comment to me the amazing results your training have been providing to him, and I've seen glimpses of those efforts showing up in games.  We want to continue to invest in this growth process and thank you for scheduling him in for the next session. 
If you have any make-up times available for him missing last week, just let us know.  Would love to take advantage of every opportunity for his continued growth.
Thank you!
Tom Oldani, Kara Keeley, and Keegan. 12/6/2010

Thank you.
Alec has received positive comments on his footwork on the field since working with you.  Thank you for sharing your gift,

Donna 10/25/2010

Pedro has served as the NCCC women's soccer coach and Intramural Coordinator for the past three years. Pedro's strong coaching skills and his genuine concern for his athletes has made him a positive role model. He has had a tremendous impact on the athlete’s physical growth as well as their emotional growth. His concern for his players reaches well beyond the playing field, focusing on their academic success as much as their athletic success. Pedro has taken on a leadership role in the college as the Coordinator of Intramurals. He has initiated programming that has improved the educational and recreational environment on campus. Pedro was a significant asset to the HPE and athletic departments at NCCC"

Gail Tylec - HPE Chair of NCCC


"Pedro work as a soccer Coach at Niagara County Community College since 2000. His method of coaching is exemplary and typifies what good coaching is about. Not only does he work with his team on the field as well assuring that his players build not only their athletic skills, but their academic and citizenship skills. He has truly been an asset for Niagara County Community College."

Antonette J. Cleveland - NCCC Former President

  "Pedro continues to revitalize the women's soccer program with his fresh approach, new ideas, and energy level. His work ethic and positive influence on the student-athletes under his direction continues to make an impact.

Pedro has worked to make NCCC women's soccer team competitive, and respected throughout Region III. Pedro is one of the most "student-oriented" and driven coaches that I have had the pleasure to be associated with.

Pedro consistently and enthusiastically completes multiple duties and responsibilities required on a day-to-day basis in a professional, confidential and reliable manner. Pedro is a detail-oriented type of person that can be trusted to take on many complex and diverse projects.

It has been my pleasure to have worked side by side with Pedro Rita for the past four years."

Lee Wallace - Athletic Director of NCCC

Hi Pedro....I just wanted to let you know that although short, the experience that Kyle received from your training was by far the best that he had rec'd to date.  I realize that you must do what you have to do to make things work in YOUR life and sometime things just have to change. The best of luck......

Thanks and good luck in the future
Kyle and Larry Mortek         

Hi Pedro,

I'm sure Tony is wishing the best for you.

I appreciate your time and your experience that you gave the team. You can see a HUGE improvement with the team’s skills from when you started with them. God bless you on your journey with your family and hopes to meet up with you again sometime

You're a good man!!!

Soccer Loving Mom, Cindy

Dear Pedro:

We value you as a very effective coach and however, we are glad that you were their coach for the brief time you had with them.  The BPFC needs to recruit coaches with your dedication and background so the kids can make progress.  We have seen a big improvement in Brendan's game and we think you were instrumental in getting him to play better. We understand and respect your decision to leave the kids at this time and we wish you well in your new work.  

Thank you for coaching him and, again, good luck in your new job.


Bill and Fran Hawkes


I know that my husband has e-mailed you but I would like to say "Thank You"  for all that you have done to help Zach be a better player.  There are no hard feelings here and we understand the situation that you are in.  I hope the best for you in the future and thanks again for the time and effort you put out to help the kids.

Bonnie Trunzo         

Hi Pedro,

As a parent, I could see how the boys were responding to your coaching style and I appreciated your efforts to make them better athletes as well as better people. I can't tell you how happy we was that you were our coach. I've heard nothing but praise from the other parents. It sounds like you had a tough decision to make.  The fact that we are already showing how much you will be missing you and it's a reflection of the great job you have done in such a short amount of time.

Best wishes,                                                 

Mick Trunzo  

"Coach Pedro quickly turned a newly formed group of young men into a very good team. My only regret is that we couldn't find a way to keep him here. Our loss is someone else gain."


Pedro - Under your direction, every member of the newly formed BPFC Blue U-14 team improved their soccer skills and work ethic.  They demonstrated team spirit, respect for each other, and were proud of their accomplishments. Perhaps most importantly, they had fun!   Thanks. 
As a parent, I was impressed with your soccer skills, active participation in practice, and dedication to the team. 
I know Marc respects you and will miss working with you and for you. 
Roseanne Morelli     

Hello all,

First, my sincere regrets go out with you all regarding the news that for personal reasons Pedro won't be able to finish out the season as the Blue team coach. From my observations, and I'm sure you will all agree, each player on this team has worked hard and are reaching a higher level of play. As a result of Pedro's efforts, each one of our players has been able to achieve new skills along with refining those acquired in the past. The level of play including that "never quit attitude" exhibited during our first Upstate victory was a direct result of the continuous emphasis Pedro placed on commitment and self confidence. So, as Pedro will be missed, we as a team can be quit thankful that we had an opportunity to experience the coaching expertise Pedro brought to our team . As Pedro moves on, we as a team must too and just as Pedro placed an emphasis on commitment, self confidence and discipline.

B.Healley, Team manager   


I really appreciated your coaching and am only sorry that you are leaving us because I think you could have taught my son and the other kids a great deal more - so I am sorry we are loosing a very good coach. In life you must unfortunately make decisions that will not always please everyone and these can be difficult. From what I can gather from your e-mail, it sounds like a decision that you had to make for you and your family's future and it certainly is not one that will ultimately harm the kids. I consider my son's time with you to be a positive one.

My son has a lot to learn in soccer - to get the most out of his abilities and his small frame. It is my desire that he obtains positive life lessons from playing sports - that will guide him when he is an adult - as sports did with me. He has learned a lot from you in the short time over the winter and early spring. You seem like a very nice person and I could tell that the kids really liked/responded to you and I could tell from the short time spent with you at the dinner and watching how you related to the kids.

I hope you have much success in your future and thank you again. I am sorry that I will not have the opportunity to tell you in person.

Peter Gorton (Dustin's Dad)

"Pedro has performed as a capable and responsible member of this Club and deserves the highest praise. His work during the time that he played to our club has attained a high level of accomplishment in the fields of sports."

Ivo Ralf Bilardt - Brazil

Athletic Club Itoupava          

Pedro is a good person and very good coach. He surprised me with his hard work and compassion, he is very passionate and his soccer skills are amazing as well. His relationship with the players is excellent; he plays with them always asking and showing respect.

He is one of the best coaches for players 12 to 18 years old I ever saw.

Fabricio Benedetti - Italy

"Pedro worked in this Club as a soccer player and as Soccer Coach from 1995 to 1998. His conduct as a professional is an extraordinary reference to all athletes in our area."

Erwin Kleinschmidt - Brazil

President of Botafogo Sport Club. 

"Pedro Rita worked as a Soccer Player and as a Head Coach in this Club from 1986 to 1993. His Soccer Skills a defender was unbelievable and dedication and professional organization was impressive." 

Wanderlei Pedrini - Brazil

President of Floresta E. C 

Pedro, it was great meeting you and having played with you. You are a great person and player.


Carlos, Quens,NY   

"What can I say about Pedro! His work shows that he is a professional  working always with passion. I know him and he is an excellent person, every time friendly (short form)! " 

Rainer Dinckelacker

Pro Goal Deutschland, Filderstadt, Germany    

  "Pedro's attitude, co-operation, energy, leadership, organization, flexibility and humor is absolute outstanding. His relationship to other people and especially children is very well, like a very good friend and some time like father. His soccer technical skills are excellent, he was born to play soccer and coach Young Soccer players. "

Henrich Kiss - Austria 

"Amarildo Pedro Rita registered in this organization under # 43.480 and under # 17.985 within the Brazilian Confederation of Soccer has dedicated 22 years to the art of this sport as a professional. His performance as an athlete was always extremely skilful with all the Clubs he has played: he has served as captain of his teams many times.

Pedro played on many championship teams. The responsibility, which he performed his work left a lasting impression, even gaining the respect of his adversaries. He was one of the best defenders that our State ever had, playing with a high level of technique and great vitality. Several times he was  selected as the best athlete of  a championship game.

We are proud of him and certain that our athlete is going to represent our Country very well when teaching the magical art of soccer. Pedro is an athlete with a lot of knowledge, acquired during his many years as a soccer player. He also left his mark as a Soccer Coach and Soccer Teacher for children and adolescents in Brazil. He passed on to his pupils excellent teaching strategies and kicking techniques, as well as heading, defense and offense including several types of dribbles, control of the ball, timing for passing the ball, set plays, physical preparation exercises for goalkeepers.

He always taught his athletes to respect their adversaries, their fans and to be loyal to their teammates. He is, finally, an extraordinary knowledge of soccer and he will, certainly, represent our country to the best of his ability.

Pedro started to play soccer in 1970 for the Joinville Sport Club: in 1983 he was a professional player for Joacaba Sports Club: 1984 He played indoor soccer for Goias Sport Club: from 1984 to 1999 he played for the following teams: Floresta Sport Club, Caramuru Sport Club, Botafogo Sport Club and Athletic Sport Club.

I, Delfim Padua Peixoto Fillho, President of the Catarinense Soccer Federation, recommend him as a professional highly qualified concerning the art of soccer. Pedro is a champion looking for victories in soccer."

Delfim Fadua Peixoto Filho.

President of Catarinense Soccer Federation.           

"Pedro as a athlete has performed his activities with the highest responsibility and excellent performance, including serving as the team captain for all the games."

Genrado Riemer - Brazil

Secretary of Caramuru S.C.